Preventing pet allergies is all about maintaining a healthy immune system and eliminating toxins.

Dr. Judy Morgan

CVMO, Naturally Healthy Pets

Allergic conditions in animals need to be treated by treating the bowels along with eliminating allergy-causing toxins in the diet and environment. Up to 80% of the immune system lies within the bowel, so keep the bowel healthy using probiotics, digestive enzymes, and a species appropriate diet.


Would it surprise you to know the most common pet insurance claim for dogs is related to allergies and itching? Many pets suffer from seasonal allergies to trees, weeds, grasses, molds, and pollens. Rather than suffering from runny eyes and nose, most pets develop intense itching. They lick and chew their feet and skin, causing hair loss, hot spots, and skin infections.

How do you help your pet through these tough times without resorting to the use of steroids and other harmful medications? First and foremost, your pet needs to have a healthy immune system. Since the majority of the immune system can be found in the cells lining the intestinal tract, it is paramount to keep those cells healthy. This can be accomplished by feeding a species-appropriate diet high in animal protein. Many pets do not do well on a high-carbohydrate diet and many suffer from allergies to the plant proteins found in kibble foods.


Use a high-quality probiotic, like Rx Biotic, along with good food. The pre- and
probiotics found in these products help feed and restore the good bacteria found in the gut. The good bacteria fight the bad bacteria that release toxins into the bowel and bloodstream. Avoid antibiotics that kill off the good bacteria.

Allergy testing (by skin scratch or by serum blood tests) along with desensitization (with injections or oral therapy) can help decrease your pet’s itching by up to 90%. Omega 3 fatty acids are naturally anti-inflammatory and can be combined with herbal licorice. For hot spots that have appeared, apply honey to combat infection, cucumber slices to drain heat and swelling, and bathe the area with warm black tea to soothe and draw out inflammation.

There is no need for your pet to suffer from chronic allergies. By following a natural health protocol, you can keep your pet’s itching to a minimum. For more information, check out the chapter in my book From Needles To Natural on allergies.

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