This is an email received from a follower. You CAN fight cancer, but you don’t always win. Actually, it’s almost always a loss that we face. When things go well, we love to share good news.
“Two years ago this week, I found a lump on Bear’s side.  During a needle aspiration the abnormal cells were seen.  After a biopsy, I heard the dreaded work osteosarcoma.  That week he had surgery to remove the rib involved as well as the next rib for a safe margin.
During this time, I contacted you to discuss his diet as I refused to feed him the prescription diet and pointed out it had everything that a cancer patient should not have.  He was raw fed prior to birth and his whole life.  I was told no raw while on chemo.
I learned so much during our conversation, bought your books and watch your show on FB when I can.  Guess you can say I’m a groupie.
At that time his prognosis was bleak and my heart was broken and I was determined to do what I could to keep him alive as long as I could. He actually had a retirement party at an agility trial.   I am a client of Red Bank in Tinton Falls and Dr. Pope is their Integrated Oncologist.  I worked with her with Chinese medicine and acupuncture.  He eats all organic and takes Turkey Tail, Mycommunity, Xiao Chai Hu Tang, Concentrated Wei Qi Booster and Hepato Support.  He also received acupuncture every 3 weeks.  I still home cook.
He is now semi retired from competition.  Since his diagnosis, he has earned both his Masters Standard and Masters Jumpers titles and now qualifies to enter Westminster’s Masters Agility in New York in February.
I am so thankful that I contact a friend for your contact information.
Thank you for being there for us and sharing your knowledge.  You have no idea how grateful I am.  He is my heart, teammate and best friend.
Just like so many, I thought it was a death sentence.  There is a saying in agility, “Believe in you and your dog”.
If I can get someone to believe, it’s worth it.
He just got home from agility class.”