Gambol Pet Food, a Chinese company that manufactures jerky treats for dogs, has announced the opening of a new facility in California, creating a subsidiary called Gambol Pet USA. According to Pet Age magazine, The custom-designed 50,000-square-foot facility has been awarded GFSI, BRC and Organic certifications. With a world-class facility and cutting-edge technology for food processing, drying, extrusion and packaging, Gambol Pet USA can assure brand marketers and retailers their products will be produced with unparalleled quality, safety and production yield.”

Unfortunately, this company is one of many that has been implicated for producing treats associated with deaths and illnesses of thousands of dogs and a few cats in the US and UK over the past decade, due to consumption of chicken, duck, or sweet potato jerky treats. Gambol manufactures under three brand names: Myfoodie, Wetnose, and Gambol, making canned food, treats, chews, freeze dried, and “happy rolls”. Gambol is the largest provider of pet treats that are private labeled for Walmart in the US and Canada.

According to FDA inspection reports, the Gambol Pet Product company was less than cooperative when inspections were performed in their Chinese facilities and some records appeared to be falsified when presented to inspectors.

Since the FDA has been unable to determine the toxic ingredient in the deadly jerky treats (which has included some US brands), I recommend avoiding any store-bought jerky-type treats.

Sadly, many consumers trust the “Made in USA” labels on products. But do you trust this company to have higher standards now that they will be manufacturing in California? Do we have guarantees all product ingredients will be sourced here, or will ingredients be brought in from China and “assembled” here?

I suggest making your own treats. It’s really very simple!

Preheat your oven to the lowest setting (usually 160 to 180 degrees). Place strips of 1/4-inch thick meat or organs like liver or hearts on a wire rack on a cookie sheet. Place in oven overnight. In the morning you will have lovely dehydrated treats. This simple method is great for those who don’t want to invest in a dehydrator.

If you cannot make your own treats, stick with high quality treats from companies you trust. Personally, I use Cocotherapy training treats, purehearts, or macaroons or Momentum heart treats for my dogs and cats.