Today is National Siblings Day. I have a sister who is 15 months older than I. We get along pretty well, but we live 300 miles apart. When we were young we fought like crazy, making our parents want to send us outside to work it out. I remember throwing shoes at her and she once hit me over the head with her lunchbox. Because we were so close in age, we shared a lot of friends and activities, which made for lots of competition.

While our pets do not have quite the same day to day problems that human siblings might encounter, they definitely can have feelings of jealousy. I find that a lot of fights between pets in a household can be the result of feelings of jealousy regarding attention from the owner. Sometimes we see fights break out when one pet is receiving attention and another approaches looking for interaction with the human. It’s important to understand when pets have feelings of jealousy so you can avoid placing them in situations that might provoke fighting.

For pets that have difficulty overcoming these feelings, Sibling Rivalry flower essence is a wonderful addition to the routine, helping everyone in the household to get along. I’ve used this remedy in my own home and found it to be a huge help.