There are some ingredients in pet food that are worse than others. Do you trust the company making the canned food and kibble you are feeding your pets? If you are feeding a processed food that contains the following ingredients, be aware they may also contain “diseased animal material, non-slaughtered dead animal material, euthanized animal material, and/or decomposing animal material (all of these pet food ingredients DO NOT have the requirement to being sourced from a slaughtered animal)” according to Susan Thixton at (read full article here):

Chicken by products, Chicken by-product meal, Turkey by-products, Turkey by-product meal, Meat Meal, Beef Meal, Lamb Meal, Venison Meal, Meat and Bone Meal, Animal Fat and Animal Digest

Cost paid for pet food has NO baring on quality of ingredients used. Just because you pay more for the food, that does not guarantee that decomposed or euthanized animals have not been used to make the food. If you really want to know what is in your pet’s food, make it yourself, or feed a very high quality raw or freeze dried food from a respected supplier.

No, I do not know where every pet food company sources their ingredients. But if I wanted to use a particular brand of pet food, I would contact the company and ask SPECIFICALLY, “Do all ingredients in your pet food originate from animals that were killed at slaughter? Are there any rendered meat products used in your food?”

The FDA does NOT enforce laws requiring the meat in pet food to come from slaughtered animals, even though the law clearly states that only slaughtered animals are to be used. Do you want your pet to eat euthanized, disease-ridden, cancer-laden, rotting, putrid carcasses?

No…I didn’t think you did.


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