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From Needles to Natural covers a variety of topics including pet nutrition and food therapy, pet food labels, veterinary chiropractic care, acupuncture, and understanding the array of vaccines and medications.



After using traditional Western veterinary medicine to treat her animal patients for many years, Dr. Judy Morgan discovered a better way to help them live longer, healthier lives. In From Needles to Natural, she shares her journey from traditional to holistic veterinary medicine and helps pet owners understand the differences between good advertising and good health for their animal friends.

With more than thirty years of experience as a practicing veterinarian, Morgan blends her personal story as a lifelong animal lover with this collection of professional opinions about animals and animal care. From Needles to Natural covers a variety of topics including pet nutrition and food therapy, pet food labels, veterinary chiropractic care, acupuncture, and understanding the array of vaccines and medications. Morgan, who has produced a full webinar series on YouTube, discusses alternative and supplemental treatments for pet illnesses. While narrating heartwarming tales of the pets she’s treated, Morgan dispels the myths about effective pet care and teaches pet owners the benefits of feeding and treating an animal holistically.

Dr. Judy Morgan is a nationally renowned veterinarian certified in acupuncture, food therapy, and chiropractic care for dogs, cats, and horses. A sought-after speaker and blogger at both the local and national level, she integrates Eastern and Western medicine in her two award-winning practices in New Jersey.

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5 reviews for From Needles to Natural

  1. Lois Ann

    Awesome book! My “go to” reference book!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    JEverhart (verified owner)

    What a fabulous book! I have been a reference book junkie for years especially when it comes to health, etc. This is the best one ever. The education I have learned from all the detail information has saved my dog’s life…. My vet encouraged me to euthanize my dog as there was no help for her and I was only prolonging what was to be…. I was not going to give up on my baby girl… Her life is just as important as any other. Thank God for coming across Dr Morgan. I initially came across her on Youtube searching for new dog recipes when Hue’s snappy chef hat caught my eye on a clip for pup loaf. From then on I was hooked on her Youtube channel learning about food therapy through her webinars. As my vet could not explain the on going bladder issues and things were getting worse I switched to another vet who found a mass in her urethra below her bladder. The inflammation was causing blockage for her to urinate. That was when I was strongly encouraged to euthanize that day, 7-14. I asked for an anti-inflamatory and took her home. Oddly enough, about 10 days prior to that I came across a clip on FB of Dr Morgan via “Paint Chips”. (week of the 4th)I immediately, endlessly starting watching all her videos. Dr Morgan’s determination in teaching others and making information easily available gave me the hope, drive and tools to improve my dog’s health status. Happy to say she has been doing great until last night. Had to take her in this AM as the swelling returned causing a blockage. Again, I was not given much hope by my vet. I ask for Phenoxybenzamine which relaxed her urethra and decreased the swelling and was back to urinating normally within hours. As I get home, I receive an e-mail from Dr Morgan’s office being able to move my scheduled phone consultation from 9-20 to this coming wed. I cried with such relief upon seeing that e-mail from Megan. Somehow and call it what you may, but ever time I am having a crisis here with my dog a form of contact from Dr Morgan suddenly appears. I know this is much of a story for a review, but my point… If Dr Morgan did not provide endless tools of education… I might have taken the word of my conventional vet because I would not have known better. Learn to be a fighting warrior for your fur babies.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    This is fantastic book. Easy reading, very informative. I learned a lot and I have so much respect for Dr Morgan!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer Chui

    I absolutely love this book. It is so informative & entertaining too. I didn’t start at Chapter 1 but went straight to chapters that I desperately needed advice to treat my young pup who’s having ear infection, on vaccinations & titer tests, fleas, then my senior pup who was paralysed & later detected cancer at his spleen & liver. And the chapter entitled “Old Age: Not for Sissies” really helped me during the time that my senior pup was getting more ill. I was so glad to get the reassurance that I did the right thing by not giving up on my old boy when his hind legs gave way & we continued to take close care of him despite the increasing vet bills, and when the final days came & he was so sick & refusing food & the vet advised to put my boy to sleep, I turned to pg.276 (which I dreaded), but after reading Dr.Morgan’s advice, I knew I had to help my boy cross the Rainbow Bridge. I was amused when I saw the chapter named “Me & my big mouth: obesity” cause it sounded funny, and when I read that chapter on how she actually helped the dog owner lose weight for the dog by taking the dog to stay with her & walking her for miles & feeding proper food, I was dumb-founded. She has gone beyond her job as a vet. I read the chapter on Food Energetics 3 times already & I decided to make notes & use it for easy reference, and shared with a friend who is in need of such knowledge to revive her health…now, I know what “yin” & “yang” is. Recently, I turned to Chapter 1 of the book & reading it from the beginning…enjoying these chapters & I’m inspired by Dr.Morgan’s strong determination. I have been sharing the info that I read from your book or your FB talks or blogs. Thank you so much for educating us to take better care of our furry kids. I’m eagerly awaiting your next book.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeanne Mason (verified owner)

    I love this book! I have shared it so many times and refer back to it for so many things. Such a wealth of information! Thank you Dr. Morgan for sharing your wisdom!

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